Waar pakistani film business plans

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Waar (), the highest grossing Pakistani movie of all time, is a spy thriller in which RAW agent Laxmi (Meesha Shafi) plans to destroy Pakistan. Staying in the country under the alias Zoya.

However she returned without completing it but plans to complete it if she gets the opportunity. 5) SHAAN Though the son of a great film director, the Waar star, Shaan did not show slack in education and went to Aitchison College for his studies before joining Newtown High School in New York.

KARACHI: Rumors regarding drama actress Ayesha Khan’s plans to make a showbiz comeback are getting maxiwebagadir.coming to the sources, Ayesha Khan has had a first post marriage photo maxiwebagadir.comr, Ayesha Khan had left the showbiz, forever, ahead of her marriage in April this year.

Bilal Lashari said the film was made with a budget of Rs 60 million, while it did a staggering business worth Rs million. As per the agreement, Hasan Waqas was to share 25 per cent of the. Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion.

Waar pakistani film business plans
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